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Amenities Overview


'Grab and Go' restaurant is located on the 1st floor of the Sherrill building.  The facility is managed and operated by the Compass Group and the menu will be published and updated on this website weekly.  Outtakes offers a hot breakfast bar, an assortment of bagels, breads and muffins, a hot lunch bar, and hot/cold sandwiches. Outtakes has recently added Starbucks Coffee and Tea selections for your enjoyment.

Hours of operation are Monday - Friday 7:00AM- 3:00PM.
Outtakes (704) 542-9131.  

 A Cleaner Image Dry Cleaning Pick-up and-Drop off Service at Sherrill and Betsill
 A Cleaner Image will pick-up on Tuesdays and drop off on Thursdays. If you are interested in signing up for the service, contact Ricky Ferguson at (704) 488-8116
  and give him your building and floor information. A credit card is needed prior to using the service. 

How it Works: Bags and receipts are provided in the associate hub closets, please have all garments ready for pick-up by 10:00 a.m. on Tuesdays and Thursdays. 

Click here for Price Sheet.

Ballantyne Corporate Park Approved Car Washing Services

Ballantyne Corporate Park
Visit Go-Ballantyne for up-to-date information and happenings in the Ballantyne area!
 Ballantyne Corporate Park offers beautiful park settings throughout the corporate park area. 
  click here
for map of Ballantyne area parks. 

Ballantyne Corporate Park is pleased to offer their tenants a fabulous discount card!
If you do not have a Tenant Appreciation Card please contact Property Management at 704-887-4716.
To activate your card, please click here.

 *Rules and restrictions apply*

 Sherrill Building Conference Rooms
On the 1st floor of the Sherrill building is a state-of-the-art Conferencing and Training area which includes Tele Presence technology. Reservations can be made through Virtual EMS
All conference facility meeting spaces have bank network wireless as well as the latest state-of-the-art technology.  Please refer to the Bank Sharepoint site for directions, AV equipment instructions and an overview of the facility.

How to place a catering order
Each Corporate Café offers catering services which should be placed using ZipThru catering, accessed through Ariba/eRequest – Keyword: Catering


Betsill Building Shower Facilities
Located on the 1st floor of the Betsill building are the men and women's shower and locker facilities. Bank Associates in both Betsill and Sherrill have access to these facilities, lockers are for use only when using the shower facilities . Contact your ACR on your floor to get card access to the 1st floor of Betsill to access these facilities.
Fit Trail
Now available in Ballantyne Corporate Park, a new way to stay in shape! Located off Ballantyne Corporate Place in the wooded area between Ballantyne One, Ballantyne Two and Ballantyne Three (SPX), Fit-Trail is a new amenity for all to use. Download map of Fit-Trail location & parking.

This new trail is approximately 6 feet wide by 2,000 feet long and made from crushed recycled concrete material topped with limestone. This material is known to be easier on the joints, since the crushed materials give a softer impact when walking and running. In addition, the material absorbs water, which lessons standing water after rain. Fit-Trail is the new way to good health! People have enjoyed the Fit-Trail way to fitness across America for more than a decade. Fit-Trail is a balanced program of total fitness conditioning for all ages and sizes. It’s fun, costs nothing, and provides the motivation to keep exercising. Everything you need is provided. There are exercise stations placed along a trail or in one location where you can learn about exercise and perform an exercise routine on the apparatus at each of the exercise stations. The exercises are fully illustrated, and you progress at your own pace. The routine has been carefully designed to include exercises for: Flexibility, Cardiovascular conditioning, Muscle Strength and Muscle Endurance.


How It Works: Fit-Trail is a series of exercise stations located along a trail or in one central location. Each exercise station has an exercise instruction sign and exercise apparatus. Do each exercise slowly and carefully according to your physical condition and ability. Proceed from station to station and perform the exercises as illustrated.
Enjoy Every Move You Make! By jogging or briskly walking through the system and performing the exercise routine, you are getting a well-balanced conditioning program. An important element to the system is the TARGET HEART BEAT RATE GUIDES located at stations throughout the system. The target heart beat rate guides provide valuable information about how you should pace yourself during any exercise or sports activity.


Fitness Trail Stations

Calf Stretch

Upper Hamstring Stretch and Side Stretch

Hamstring Stretch and Quadriceps Stretch

Sit up and Leg Raise

Knee Lift and Toe Raise

Bent Knee Hang

Quadriceps Climb and Quadriceps Sit

Pull up

Upward Stretch

Leg Stretch and Push Up

Hand Walk and Body Dip

Body Raise and Reverse Pull Up

Shoulder Squeeze

Bar Jump

Body Tuck and Sit and Reach

Overhead Ladder

Side Bend

Balance Walk

Hamstring Pull and Life and Drop

Tension Release 
The Sherrill Building